We build your new Metricon home

What does building your dream home look like?

Whatever stage in life, purchasing a new home can be the biggest financial decision you will make. Building your new home can be daunting, confusing and stressful without the right information and assistance.

What lot of land to purchase? What house floor plan suits me and my lot? What can I build in my budget?

All of these questions and more, we assist with on a daily basis. With over nine years experience in property, and a background in landscape design. We help with all aspects of building your new home. From mortgage finance, available land and house floor plan designs, we want you to Love Where You Live.

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All the big (and small) Questions……

Whether it be a house and land package, building on your land or knock down new build. There will always be many questions you need answered. Here are some frequently asked questions, but feel free to submit a question and Tom will get back to you.

What are construction site costs to build my new home?

“This being probably the most common, and most complex question I get asked daily. Site costs are a combination of the following;

- Condition of the land we look to build on. Access, levels (cut or fill), trees, soil type, easements, existing fencing, existing retaining walls etc.

- The surrounding area. Neighbours, reserve, corner street, parkland, track or paddock etc.

- House design you wish to build on the land. Size of house (footprint on land), aspect and orientation, setbacks, design guideline (covenant) restrictions etc.

This can vary greatly, even within the same street. As every block of land has it’s own variables. If possible we always want to visit the site you are looking to build on, so that we may assess this for you properly. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to site costs.”

Do you have House and Land packages?

“Yes. The answer is always yes, as house and land is simply us combining the available land price and the cost to build the advertised house on that lot. We can assist with finding land, pricing a house design for your land or direct you to the available land in the areas you would like to build. Sometimes the ‘perfect’ land doesn’t fit your desired house design. Sometimes the ‘perfect’ house design doesn’t suit the available land. We have many floor plans to accommodate this to always achieve a desired outcome.”

What can I build in my budget?

“Budget is very important when beginning the process to build your new home. I always recommend speaking with a mortgage broker as soon as you look into building. This will assist with guiding you to the affordable areas and house size to suit your desired budget. Sometimes just a different block of land can keep you in budget or be able to afford that Outdoor room you really love. Call me today on 0438800405 for a mortgage broker recommendation near you.”

How important is the orientation of my house when building?

“House orientation to North can make a massive difference. Having your main living space(s) orientated to face North assists with many aspects of your new home. You can achieve a higher energy rating with a North orientation. You can spend less on heating and cooling your home throughout the year. You can gain a great amount of natural light in your new home. Sometimes these can’t be achieved on your selected land, and we can assist with accommodating your floor plan to get the best outcome.”


Do you have a question? Even a really specific one? Please submit it below and Tom will happily answer.